A full feature calendar for small and medium companies.

New version 1.4.4

Tcal is a shared cross platform client/server calendar, with a full feature graphic interface, that writes and reads from commercial databases.

Several small companies use a normal database, bought in a store, as a job management tool, preferring it to expensive and less flexible “custom” solutions.

Using TcalServer and TCP/IP on intranet or internet, this calendar records events time, deadlines and working hours on your management database, created by you with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, Microsoft Access or MySQL. It allows time tracking on the database, using a weekly registration.
You can link jobs and resource names to events, see other resources calendars, accept or refuse invitations, time trace working hours (time tracking) spent by each employee on each job.
See more details on Time Tracking...

This software is available in Italian and English.

How does it work?

The system is composed of
Tcal (the client), TcalServer (the server) and a database (supplied by you).
Each computer where you install the calendar (Macintosh or Windows) talks to the computer where you installed Tcalserver using TCP/IP, in a Client-Server system.
(TCP/IP is the network protocol used by Internet).

The main characteristic of this calendar is that it uses a database that you can customize (ex. FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, Microsoft Access or MySQL), through TcalServer, in order to record timed Events, allocates resources and jobs to Events and to record each hourly resource job load (time tracking).
This allows the connection between the company-shared calendars and the company management database, made by you to handle the everyday workload.
Tcalserver, the server component of the Tcal calendar, connects to each Tcal calendars and to your databases, handling traffic and administering access levels.

management calendar structure

What do I need in order to use Tcal?

- A computer where Tcalserver (OSX or Windows 7, Vista or XP) will be installed and an internal network with other computer where to install Tcal (OSX or Windows 7, Vista or XP). Note: for Demo purpose it is possible to use Tcal, TcalServer and a database on the same computer (to start we suggest the use the demo database documents supplied by the installer...).

- FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server or Microsoft Access or MySQL, if you use TcalServer on Windows 7 or XP

- FileMaker Pro application or FileMaker Server or MySQL, if you use Tcalserver on Mac OSX

Tcal calendars instead can be used on Mac OSX or Windows 7 or XP.
See operating system details...

The new version of TcalServer connects to the database via ODBC (installed by default on both OSX and Windows 7; in theory then you can use TcalServer with any database that supports communication via ODBC and with the required fields named and formatted as required .

free time tracking calendar

How much does Tcal/Tcalserver cost?
Tcal/TcalServer calendar is
FREE, for max 2 connected users.
To exceed the 2 users max limit, it is necessary to receive an unlock code, that you can buy on these web pages.

free management calendar
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