Commercial license

You can purchase a commercial license of Piccolo Installer by paying a fee. You are paying a license fee for registering "Piccolo Installer".

Without registering, "Piccolo Installer" will generate on each page of the created installers, a big "Unregistered copy" text.

In order to register:
1) take note of the Version Key (you will find it after you press GO for building an installer)
2) pay for your Activation Code (here)
3) send me your Version Key (

I will shortly send you back the Activation Code.

Thanks for your support.

If you are licensing "Piccolo Installer 1.1.6", you will be able to use all upgrades that carry the same major version number (in this case 1.x.x). Once the switch is made to a version 2.x, you will need to upgrade your license to use the latest version. However, of course you may continue to use any version you currently have licensed, without needing to purchase an upgrade. Such a commercial license releases you from the requirements of the copyleft GPL license, which include: distribution of all source code, including your own product; licensing of your own product under the GPL license; prominent mention of the derbrill copyright and the GPL license; and disclosure of modifications to the Stack.

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