Software download:
The “piccolo Installer” stack is compressed and you should unzip it before using. You must also have the Livecode application installed on your computer in order to use Piccolo Installer.
Once downloaded and unzipped, you can open it form inside LiveCode as a stack or copy it to your plugin folder, inside the “My Livecode/Plugins” folder of your computer, to use it as a Livecode Plug-in


"Piccolo Installer" is NOT FREE. You may change it, modify it, copy it. But you may not re-sell Piccolo Installer or part of it or modified copies of it.

Most of the sub-stacks of "Piccolo Installer" are unlocked for you to experiment with and, if you find new or better ways to to things, I will be glad to hear from you.

Without registering, "Piccolo Installer" will generate installers with a "Unregistered copy" text on its windows.

To register:
1) take note of the Version Key (you will find it after you press GO for building an installer)
2) pay for your Activation Code
3) send with the payment your Version Key (

I will send you back shortly the Activation Code.

Buy the commercial licence from these pages
with a fast and secure checkout with PayPal and your credit card.